Raksha Bandhan Mythological Significance

Raksha Bandhan traces its roots to the myth of Goddess Indrani tying a Rakhi on Lord Indra, seeking his protection in battle.

Draupadi's Bond with Lord Krishna

Draupadi's Rakhi tying to Lord Krishna, who vowed to protect her during her time of need.

Demon King Bali's Boon

Raksha Bandhan also commemorates Goddess Lakshmi's act of tying a Rakhi on Demon King Bali, requesting Lord Vishnu's release.

Rakhi as a Symbol of Protection

The Rakhi symbolizes the bond of protection, with sisters tying it on their brothers' wrists as a gesture of love and care.

Contemporary image of a sister tying Rakhi on her brother's wrist

Today, Raksha Bandhan continues to celebrate the enduring bond between siblings, reflecting its age-old mythological significance.